The best inn in South America is Brazilian and is located in Minas Gerais

Traveling is something that virtually everyone, or at least most people, enjoy. This is one of the best activities in the world. She always leaves that feeling that the world can be in the palm of our hands. Likewise, this experience can turn you into someone else. Getting to know other types of culture, other realities, the way of life other people live. In short, knowing things that can change our interior.

It is widely said that traveling is one of the few ways to spend money and get richer. Generally, when someone plans a vacation trip or with friends, the first destinations they come to mind are those outside the country and even those outside South America. But we forget that on our side there are several countries that are worth visiting. worth exploring and that our country also has many beautiful places to visit.

Getting to know your own country is wonderful, and a country like ours with continental proportions has many wonderful places to go. The good thing about traveling is that, normally, there is no right time to do it. The destinations are countless and each one can be visited at a time of year.

Best in South America

And just as the destinations are the most varied, the types of accommodation also vary. It can range from a five-star hotel to an AirBnb and even just a sofa in someone’s house.

But a type of accommodation that is always very popular are inns. That’s why the Trip Advisor website always chooses the best ones around the world. And the South American champion is in Brazil.

Voted the best inn in South America, Pousada Casa Campestre is located in the Minas Gerais city of Gonçalves, in Serra da Mantiqueira. The award called “Travelers’ Choice 2020” is given by the site based on the votes and ratings of tourists from around the world who stayed at the site.


Pousada Casa Campestre is considered to be one of the most awarded in the country. In 2017, it was elected the best hostel in Brazil and South America. The following year, it received the award for best hostel in the world.

It opened in July 2015. The inn is located on a 26 thousand square kilometer rural property within an environmental protection area. And who maintains it are the owners themselves.

Pousada Casa Campestre is exclusively aimed at couples who are looking for rest, contact with nature and, of course, a romantic place. The inn has only three chalets and offers breakfast in the room at the time chosen and scheduled by the guest.

Each of the inn’s three chalets measures 45 meters and is equipped with a king size bed, hydromassage bath, balcony with hammock, air conditioning, fireplace and wifi.

The availability of Pousada Casa Campestre starts on December 30, 2020. The price of chalets varies between R$ 1,790.00 to R$ 2,990.00. The price variation depends on the month and days of the week chosen.

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